Small Hiatus

Sorry nothing has been posted for a while.

Things have gotten incredibly busy and I am having on again off again health problems related to my illness that is causing me to be overly tired once again. I’m really trying my hardest to get something out.






Nighty, we should make those therapy appointments now…

We need to make those appointments ASAP as in right now

No update this week

Sims 3 Prompt List ~ 33: Heartbreak

Breaking your heart was never my intention

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Just a small fyi

If you send me anon hate (or hate in general) it will be deleted. I don’t need that in my life.

If you send me constructive criticism I am 100% okay with that, but if you start attacking me personally that is crossing the line.

ARE THOSE NEW SLATE AND GAMMA PICTURES HINTS??? Please oh please oh please!!! (And holy hot fudge sundae, Slate was hot! Though to be fair, most of your Sims are, Nighty) ;)


They may or may not be hints~ but if they are hints it won’t be for a while…I have a huge portfolio due Tuesday and I haven’t even started it so that’s what my weekend is going to be

I agree - Slate was not that bad looking younger. He isn’t exactly ugly older, either, though. At least, I don’t think so. Ahh thank you anon <3