Does Strawberry know that Crimson was her biological father?


Yes, she does know that Crimson was her biological father. She made a reference to him in chapter one of her generation if I remember correctly.

Omgah! The handsome red berry showed up on my dash! :D PLEASE BE A GOOD GUY.


Haha yeah, I have a picture queued each night to kinda make up for the fact that I won’t be super duper active these next two weeks.

As for your last comment…maybe he is…maybe he isn’t. You’ll just have to wait and see ;D

Well, it was day 3 today and we learned about anatomy, which is great. Now that I know more about the muscles, blood, bones, internal systems, I know how to tear them, break them, and absolutely destroy them write about things involving them semi-accurately.

Yanno, in case a character ever breaks a bone, tears a muscle, loses blood, has internal damage, etc etc.

Not that any of that’s gonna happen or anything.

-shifty eyes-